NetPrologic is a leading custom software development firm that specializes in delivering large scale application development projects using Microsoft .NET technologies.

Softweb's services span the entire application lifecycle. Our comprehensive delivery options enable us to distribute work across global locations to align with clients' cost, speed, and risk requirements.

Microsoft Technologies

Using this new envisioned language of Microsoft to develop and build web-based applications, NetPrologic helps you to design, develop and integrate business solutions based on any platform. Our experienced team of technicians, developers and architects develop and deliver comprehensive solutions utilizing the full range of .NET framework. By far we have developed enterprise solutions like customer relationship management, supply chain management, real estate portals, strategic systems and community tools.

Our .Net technology Skill sets include:

  • COM Interoperability
  • ADO.Net
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 / 1.1, Visual Studio.Net 2005
  • Win Forms
  • ASP.Net 2.0 / 1.1
  • Web Forms, Web Services and Web Server Controls
  • SQL Server 2005 / 2000
  • XML

Why should you choose .Net Technology?

Being Microsoft’s new language for developing desktop and web based applications, you need to consider its capabilities such as:

Easy Manifestation of Solutions: .Net Technology facilitates several types of application solutions such as Enterprise Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Value Chain/ Supply Management, Accounting Applications, XML Web Services, Web Sites, Portals and Gateways and much more.

Portable: It is a server centric computing model that can run in any browser on any platform

Scalable applications: If you get your application developed via .NET technology, you get solutions that are scalable, easy to maintain and deployable as it utilizes frameworks and processes.

Cost Advantage: The .NET technology and framework is ideal for the most money-minded businesses.

Cross platform connectivity and language integration: .Net allows you to connect to applications that may not necessarily belong to the platform you are working on. This way you get the best approach for future proofing. You can even integrate new modules of other languages with ease. A few languages, such as CORBA, JNI or JCA can be bridged into your current solution through web services.