Java is a programming language which has derived much of its syntax from C and C++ but with a simpler object model. Java programming language enables features such as packaging, interfacing and threading. Java has become the preferred choice of developers as it develops secure, flexible and scalable database driven web applications. It helps developers to write on one platform and runs on other platform virtually. With the use of JAVA one can develop efficient applications for mobile phones, remote processors, consumer products and any other digital device. The Java Platform is designed for running highly interactive, dynamic, and secured applets and applications on networked computer systems.
The structure is created to help speed up development time and lessen complexities building web applications. The majority of the efforts are focused on the business logic or functionality implementation using this framework.

J2EE web-based enterprise applications are split into three logical layers, Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer, and Enterprise Information System Layer.

The presentation layer focuses on presenting the business information to the user, is implemented using HTML/WML, Servlets and JSPs. The business layer focuses on implementing the core business mechanisms, and is usually summarized in Enterprise Java Beans.

The enterprise information system layer represents different kinds of legacy systems, database servers, etc and is usually accessed through the JDBC API and other standard interfaces that the J2EE Connector Architecture provides.

Netprologic has expertise in Java Development, Java Application Development, Java Web Development, Java Mobile Application Development, Java Integration Solutions, Java Consultancy, Enterprise J2EE applications and more. With extensive efforts we have developed a Java centre and trained our resources in the best possible way. Our Java team has a great experience in JavaScript, JSP, J2ME and J2EE. Since our inception we have been developing web applications for both server and client side

Key J2EE features implemented by Softweb:

  • N-tier Architecture
  • Enterprise Java Application Development with Spring , EJB and Hibernate
  • Web based Application Framework like Struts ,JSF , Wicket , GWT and Tapestry
  • Enterprise Application Server Glassfish , Jboss , Tomcat , WebSphere and WebLogic
  • AJAX based Web Development with EXT-JS , Richfaces and DWR
  • Standalone Application Development in Swing
  • Development of presentation layer in JSP, Servlet, Velocity, Applet & HTML
  • Implementation of Web services technologies using  XML, SOAP WSDL Axis
  • Java Transaction Service and API (JTS, JTA)
  • Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)
  • JAVA Database Connectivity for Postgre, MySql, Oracle
  • Application Development Tools (Eclipse, Borland,  JDeveloper, IntelliJ IDEA)
  • General Purpose Modeling Language UML
  • Java Activation Framework (JAF)
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • JavaMail