Company Overview


Netprologic's Business Strategy solutions assist our clients with the process of formulation, validation and deployment of business strategies. Our focus is on guiding clients through the process of making strategic choices that have the greatest potential to deliver both near-term results and long-term competitive advantage and value additions.

Specific Business Strategy services are as follows:

Corporate Strategy Formulation

Our Corporate Strategy Augmentation Services focus on helping the management design a clear road map to achieve lasting competitive advantage and superior profitability. This is initially based on a high-level but reliable understanding of the competitive landscape, the economics of the various business units and the points of leverage therein, the market and its dynamics and the financial inputs. A strategic segmentation is then developed comparing the client to its competitors. Segmentation options are then analyzed on a risk/reward basis.

Sound Pricing Strategy

Our Pricing Strategy Services provide an insight in to determining optimal pricing in professional and business services. Our pricing framework can be leveraged to include a broader offering such as products, consulting and other services. The strongest leverage in improving profitability is through pricing. Our services cover strategy formulation and development through implementation.

Global Business Process Optimization

Our Global Business Process Optimization Services focus on assisting clients with restructuring their cost base to take advantage of highly skilled workforce in lower cost geographies.

Customer Segmentation

Our Customer Segmentation services concentrate on analyzing customer data and strategies to reduce cost and improve profitability. The main focus is on mapping customer lifecycles and predicting inflection points for intervention.